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John Mayer Corner

John Mayer is an American singer, songwriter and guitar player whose music spans the genres of blues rock and pop rock.  Mayer has had a successful solo career and he has also played with a group called the John Mayer Trio.


John Mayer was born John Clayton Mayer on October 16, 1977 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Mayer then grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut where he attended Fairfield High School for his freshman, sophomore and senior years and Brien McMahon High School for his junior year.  Mayer’s interest in music and the guitar began at an early age when he discovered the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Mayer learned to play the guitar and was soon playing at local venues.  In high school, Mayer played with a band called Villanova Junction.  For a short time, Mayer attended the Berklee College of Music and then moved to Atlanta to start his career.

Mayer soon released his first album titled Inside Wants Out which was an independent album.  This first album released under a major label was Room for Squares.  Room for Squares soon grew in popularity and included several major hits.  After the release of his next album, Heavier Things, Mayer’s music changed direction for awhile.  He delved into the world of hip-hop and worked with Kayne West.  He then began to collaborate with various blues artists such as Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Eric Clapton.  He also toured with Herbie Hancock.

In 2005, Mayer formed the John Mayer Trio.  The Trio includes John Mayer performing lead vocals and playing guitar, Steve Jordan performing backup vocals and playing drums and Pino Palladino performing backup vocals and playing bass guitar.  The John Mayer Trio’s music has a heavy blues influence and has released the album Try!.  The group opened some shows for The Rolling Stones on the Stones’ A Bigger Bang Tour.

Mayer has his own signature model of an acoustic guitar by Martin Guitars called OM-28 John Mayer.  Fender Guitars has also made three different models of a signature Stratocaster electric guitar for Mayer, two of which are widely available at Fender dealers.

Mayer has made television appearances on a VHI special titled “John Mayer Has a TV Show” and the “Chappelle’s Show.”  Mayer has written a column for Esquire Magazine.  He has also appeared on two shows on XM Satellite Radio called “Ron and Fez” and “Opie and Anthony.”  In an event covered by Rolling Stone magazine, John Mayer played a short set at a high school prom in 2004.

Music / Albums

John Mayer’s albums include Inside Wants Out (1999), Room for Squares (2001), Heavier Things (2003) and Continuum (2006).  Mayer’s live albums are:  Any Given Thursday (2003) and As/Is (2004).  Mayer’s album with the John Mayer Trio is called Try! (2005).

Inside Wants Out is an independent album, and Room for Squares is Mayer’s first album released under a major label.  Room for Squares includes the singles “Why Georgia” and “Your Body Is a Wonderland,” for which Mayer won a Grammy Award.  Heavier Things includes the hit single “Daughters” for which Mayer also won a Grammy Award.


Mayer has won numerous awards and honors including Grammy Awards.  He also received the Hal David Starlight Award at an induction ceremony for the Songwriters Hall of Fame.


Over the years, John Mayer has toured with many artists such as Guster, the Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Teitur, Maroon 5 and the Wallflowers. 

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